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Dead Poets Society (1989)

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - 13/8

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Gwendoline Christie at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 (x)

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Eagles: When your #Eagles are away, Harry Styles is going to play. #WWAPhilly


I didn’t even have to guess what today’s sketch dailies topic would be. So here’s my tribute I drew for a man who was so full of laughter and love. I really did cry over his loss. Aladdin was one of the films I knew him best for since I grew up with it, along with so many of his other roles. Again, RIP Robin, I’m so sorry you had so much sadness in your life, but I hope that you are in a better place, laughing like you always did for the world.

Toronto, Canada - 8/01


Harry Styles ladies and gents

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dragonborn at their finest 

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@kiddcasanova: Me And Harry Styles.

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